Keres Language Project

Our Partners

Our work is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary, data driven, and intersectional approach to language revitalization. We believe it takes a village to teach one child a language. Without the incredible dedication, patience, and hard work of all members of this partnership it would be difficult if not impossible to achieve a renaissance of the fabulously rich Keres language. While there is a long road ahead walking it as a group shortens the distance.


Acoma Pueblo

There are approximately 200 Keres speakers of a population of approximately 5,000. In 2016, the Pueblo embarked on a new effort to build a dictionary and develop new language resources for Acoma language learners. The effort has proven to be highly successfully, and there is a great deal of momentum in the community to engage new young language learners.

Acoma Tribal Council

In June 2014, the Acoma Tribal Council approved the Acoma language policy which is part of the Law and Order Code of the Pueblo of Acoma. The Policy specifies that the responsibility for teaching the language rests first in the domain of the family, then the tribe and tribal programs, followed by schools. Further, the policy allows the use of technology and written texts for learning the language. This new tribal policy represents a major shift within the Acoma Tribal Council that embraces contemporary best-practices in language instruction. This policy also recognizes Keres as a language that is an integral and irreplaceable part of Acoma identity.

Pueblo of Acoma Department of Education

The Pueblo of Acoma Department of Education was established in 2007 by the Acoma Tribal Council to develop quality educational services for the Acoma Pueblo community. Its mission is “to promote educational excellence by providing quality programs and services that enhance lifelong skills while maintaining the Acoma culture and language.” The organization fulfills the aims of its mission by administering the following programs: Acoma Higher Education Program, Acoma Adult Education Program, Johnson O’Malley Program Administration, the Acoma Language Retention Program, Haak’u Learning Center, and the Workforce Development Program.

New Mexico State University – Grants

Was established as branch of New Mexico State University in 1968. Since then, NSMU-Grants has provided an accessible, quality education that promotes respect and service for their diverse students and community. The College provides two levels of beginner’s Navajo and an introductory course in Acoma studies.

Cibola County Schools
Bluewater Elementary School
Cubero Elementary School
Grants High School
Laguna-Acoma Jr.-Sr. High School
Los Alamitos Middle School
Mesa View Elementary School
Milan Elementary School
Mt. Taylor Elementary School
San Rafael Elementary School
Seboyeta Elementary School
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)/Bureau of Indian Education Schools
Laguna Elementary School
Laguna Middle School
Santa Fe Indian School
Sky City Community School
Private School
St. Joseph Mission School