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Pueblo Works to Preserve Endangered Language with Online Dictionary

The Acoma Pueblo’s Board of Education unveiled a new tool Thursday to keep its endangered dialect alive. “It is absolutely critical that we’re able to preserve and revitalize the Keres dialect,” Acoma Department of Education Executive Director Stanley Holder said.  Original Source:

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Acoma Pueblo Elders to Release First Language Dictionary

Acoma Pueblo has been putting their entire language down on paper, and they’re releasing the first version of a dictionary. Pueblo elders have been recording thousands of words in their native language Keres since last year. Original Source:

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New Mexico Pueblo Works to Save Keres Language

With fewer than 100 speakers remaining, the Acoma Keres language is on the verge of extinction. Few young people under the age of 40 have learned the language. If no action is taken, the Native American Pueblo of Acoma stands to lose a fundamental part of its heritage, an Acoma…